Corporate Gift Cards From Prezzee


Prezzee has your Corporate Gift Cards covered with a fast and easy online purchase for all of Australia’s favourite stores. Organising the purchase and distribution of your yearly bonuses or incentives can now be done with just a few clicks.


Eezzee Gift Giving


Prezzee’s Gift Cards are sent instantly and stored on the Prezzee website and the App. For Corporate Prezzee cards we offer a bulk upload process with our specialty Business purchasing feature.

There’s no fuss, no delivery fees, and no worries. Your giftees can choose where and when they wish to spend their Gift Card and there’s no risk of misplacing or forgetting about them.

Send instantly or schedule a delivery date - no more snail mail or lost Gift Cards! This makes Christmas bonus time even easier and no one gets missed or accidentally left out. Keep track of all Gift Cards sent and received with your online Prezzee account.

Personalise your Corporate Gift Cards with a range of e-greeting cards and great designs. With the flexibility we can offer, you can even choose specific Gift Cards for specific individuals. No more generic choices to save on time.


Make Your Choice of Gift Cards From Australia’s Best Retailers

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Priceline Pharmacy


Flexibility and Ease


Your recipients can not only store their Gift Cards on their smart phones but also choose to re-gift them if they need to. The Prezzee App allows for most digital Gift Cards to be sent on to new giftees and never wasted.