Giftcards Made eezzee!


Prezzee has renovated the tired old Giftcards. We have ensured that they are now the ideal and most convenient gift you’ll ever send or receive. With Prezzee, your Giftcards can now be sent and received instantly on any smart device.

Prezzee’s innovative solution was designed to ensure that you never lose or leave your voucher card at home again. We’ve created a fantastic App which allows you to not only send your Gift Cards instantly to anyone, anywhere, but also store them so they are right there whenever you or your friend needs them. No more snail mail – which means no delivery fees! - and you don’t even need to leave the house to purchase and send your next present.


Are you looking for the perfect last minute gift idea?

Can’t get out to the shops on time? Or are you buying for someone in another state or territory? Prezzee’s Giftcards can be purchased for all of Australia’s major retailers available nationwide.

Prezzee has your next occasion covered. Shopping for a baby or bridal shower? Birthdays? Christmas? End of year bonuses? Engagement parties?

The gift of choice from Prezzee is available for hundreds of stores. Choose from fantastic and varied Australian retailers such as:

Major Supermarkets

Department stores




Electronics stores

Men’s and Ladies Fashion



Re-Gifting Made eezzee

Know someone who would love your rebel Gift Card? Why not share the love and re-gift it to a friend. With Prezzee you can re-gift adding a personalised greeting card to make it feel extra special too.