Last Minute Gifts from Prezzee

If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t have time to make it to the shopping centres then you are probably struggling to find the perfect Last Minute Gift and don’t have much time to do it in. Maybe you forgot a special occasion? Or you’ve been searching for the right gift but can’t seem to find it?

Welcome to Prezzee – the eezzee solution to Last Minute Gift giving problems. We have perfected the art of gifting with a simple, online purchase you can do from home, work, your mobile phone, anywhere you are, at any time.

What’s the occasion? Birthdays, thank yous, anniversaries, weddings, graduation? Whatever occasion you are buying for, Prezzee has you covered with the gift of choice – a digital Gift Card.

Prezzee has innovated gifting with a simple, online purchase and App designed to ensure you can access your next gift instantly and never lose a Gift Card again.

With a range of Australia’s best retailers to choose from, you are sure to find an eGift Card from the perfect store. Our iOS and Android App lets you send and receive all of your digital Gift Cards instantly and even includes a personalised greeting card for every occasion.

Choose from Australia’s favourite stores
Purchase your digital Gift Card and send it instantly – no more missed birthdays!
Save and store your eGift Cards on your smart phone so you never leave them at home again
No delivery fees
Have you received a Gift Card someone else might like more? Re-gift it with Prezzee and send it on instantly to someone else.
Prezzee has made your gifting fast, simple and eezzee.

Their Prezzee is received instantly and stored on the App. They can access their new Gift Card from any smart phone or device where it will stay, ready and waiting for whenever they choose to use it. It’ll never get forgotten or lost and you’ll know that you gave someone the greatest gift of all – the gift of choice!