Never Lose a Gift Voucher Again


Gift Vouchers have revolutionised gift giving, giving the gift of choice with every present and ensuring that your giftee was never stuck with something they didn’t like. Now, Prezzee has improved on the perfect gift by introducing the tradable, digital Gift Voucher, sent directly to your recipient and impossible to lose.

Choose your next eGift Card from Australia’s best stores nationwide with Prezzee. We’ve made choosing and sending your Gift Cards eezzee with a simple online purchase redeemable at your chosen retailer through our App on any smart phone where you can store all of your eGift Cards. You’ll never leave the home without one again.

The eezzee way to give and receive your Gift Cards.

Prezzee’s innovative gifting solution gives you flexibility and choice.

No matter what or who you’re buying for, a Gift Card from Prezzee is perfect for birthdays, thank yous, anniversaries, Christmas, weddings, and much more. As a recipient you receive your Gift Card instantly to your mobile phone where it’s ready to redeem whenever you’re ready to shop. Maintain your balance with real-time checks on selected retailer Gift Cards too.

Received an eGift Card for a store you don’t normally shop in? Easy fix! Through Prezzee you can re-gift most Gift Cards online, sending it straight to someone else who can store it on their phone and use it straight away.