5 Minutes with Kelly Wright, Salon Director Toni&Guy

04 Apr 2017

5 Minutes with Kelly Wright, Salon Director Toni&Guy

What does giving mean to you?
I think giving is a subconscious notion for me. I don’t see it as a choice but more of a reflex. You see someone fall you help them up, you see someone that you can help and if you can you instinctively do.

Tell us a bit about the charity that you are a founder of?
'Deciding to Make a Difference' is a collaboration linking individuals or companies that are the leaders in their field to build affordable, sustainable housing by way of consultation to remote Aboriginal communities. With an ultimate goal of ending 3rd world living in Australia. The first community we are working with is Jilkminggan.

How did the idea come about to start a charity?
I worked on a very successful clothing drive to help set up an op shop in march 2016. As a result i was invited into Jilkminggan for the opening. While the op shop was a huge success, i fell in love with this community of strong, vibrate women and decided i was going to make a difference in their life.

What are the goals for the charity in 2017?
The goals are to finalise the pilot buildings, giving the community greater choice and enabling full scalability to build on mass

Help often comes in the smallest way. If you could ask everyone to do one little thing to help achieve what the philanthropy program sets out to do, what would it be?
Communicate! In every person there is a desire to help, by communicating about this cause it will link the people that truly can MAKE A DIFFERENCE..

Where they are at now :
In October, Ken McBryde Principal at HASSELL met the community of Jilkminggan where they had a consultation with the them to find out exactly what their ideal house would be, what’s not working with their current housing and he listened. 'Deciding to Make a Difference' have just presented the community with the first design which is name “Healing on County” this structure is for all the community to use to reconnect with their families. They are very excited to say the least and are excited for what they can deliver.

Visit decidingtomakeadifference.org/ to read more about the project


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