5 Minutes with Luanne Spilsbury and Nick Fielden from JB Hi-Fi

21 Mar 2016

5 Minutes with Luanne Spilsbury and Nick Fielden from JB Hi-Fi

We asked Luanne Spilsbury, National Gift Card Manager and Nick Fielden Accounts Manager at JB Hi-Fi Solutions to give us 5 minutes of their time. We love sharing stories around what leading Australian Retailers are doing in the world of giving back and JB Hi-Fi have an initiative we think is pretty cool...

What is the best present you have ever received?

NF: Well besides a JB Hi-Fi gift Card? Haha (Not biased at all!) OK seriously, I’d have to say my first bike, I’ve a fond memory of sneaking up in the middle of the night Xmas eve to see my Dad and older brother Matt putting together the bike just to make sure it was all ready for the next day! Good memories.. 

LS: Definitely my first car, my Dad bought it for me when I was 18.  It took me a few years to save for my own car so this saved my life.

Growing up, did your family have a favourite celebration? If so, which one do you remember the most?

LS: Christmas; getting excited about the presents under the tree and the delicious lunch I knew I would be eating.

NF: Well I’m half Greek (Mum’s side); In Greek Orthodox tradition Easter is normally a time for reflection but it’s also a brilliant time for the family to get-together and catch up! There’s this great tradition that involves colouring eggs that you then hit together, it get quite competitive and generally escalates!        

What does giving mean to you?

LS: Giving is making my friends their favorite meal and spending time together laughing and joking about the experiences we’ve shared. I regularly like to give my time and energy rather than tangible presents.

LS: To me it’s all about investing that time to really think about the person you’re wanting to give something to and thinking to yourself how I can bring a smile to their face?!

JB Hi-Fi is renowned for it’s music and electronics – are you a music fan?

NF: It very much a rare moment that I don’t have music playing, be it at home getting some work done or even in the car. On a side note I’ve been listening to a lot of the Weeknd lately, a brilliant and unique sound if you haven’t listened to any yet I suggest you give it a try!   

LS: I like all types of music from club dance to chill out lounge and the occasional ocean breeze if I can’t sleep.

How did your careers both start? Did you have a clear vision of what you would be doing?

LS: I didn’t have a clear vision; but I knew I always wanted a job that involved communication and problem solving. I have worked in hospitality, retail, customer service and the corporate sector which gave me the skills and experience to become an account manager at JB Hi-Fi Solutions which I love.  

NF: I’d like to think we generally have an idea or a plan on where or what we want to achieve with our futures. It’s just funny how it normally plays out very differently to the plan you might have had! I’ve been with JB hi-Fi for eight years now working at various roles through the stores and eventually now in our JB Solutions team which caters to our Commercial & Education based clients.

Can you tell us a little about the Helping Hands initiative at JB Hi-Fi?

NF: Helping Hands is a brilliant initiative that staff all across JB support nine charities all in varying fields, two that I hold quite close to my heart are the Animal Welfare League Australia and Bush Heritage Australia; Its great knowing that I’m actively supporting foundations that care for Animals, especially ones that are native to Australia!

LS: All employees can donate to a range of charities via salary sacrifice. Also all JB Hi-Fi Stores have a donation box and JB Hi-Fi customers can deposit cash or unused gift cards. The remaining value on JB Hi-Fi Gift Cards is also donated to the charities that JB Hi-Fi Group supports.

If you could spend 5 minutes with anyone today, who would it be and why?

LS: Dr Phil McGraw.. and not just because of his TV shows! Dr Phil has an amazing wealth of knowledge and expertise in the medical and psychological fields. His insight into sociology and his ability to understand why people do what they do is amazing. His generosity and willing ness to help people both financially and emotionally is inspiring; I’d love 5 minutes with Dr Phil.

NF: I’d have to say Elon Musk; His initiatives with the Space X Program which is driving private companies to make an emergence into different fields of ‘Space Exploration’ and Space Tech development like Mining are incredibly interesting ventures! That and his Tesla projects; like come on we almost have the self-driving car!


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