5 minutes with Samantha Spiteri, Gift Card Portfolio Manager at Myer

06 Jan 2016

5 minutes with Samantha Spiteri, Gift Card Portfolio Manager at Myer

What is the best present you have ever received?

SS: A good present for me is one that the giver has put thought it getting as they know I will appreciate it. A gift become even more special when it is unexpected. Looking back over the years I remember receiving a teddy for my birthday as a child. This is a particular memorable gift as I grew up in a large family where everything was shared and this was a gift that was new shiny and just for me. 

What does giving mean to you?

SS: Giving to me means bringing joy to someone through a gift. Giving takes on special meaning when you can surprise someone with something and seeing the joy it brings them. I especially like to give when a gift is unexpected as the reaction is great.

Could you please tell us a little bit about Myer’s Community Fund?

SS: The Myer Stores Community Fund is the national charity of Myer and is committed to investing in the health and well-being of the community. The Myer Stores Community Fund raises funds from the public through interaction with Myer team members, customers and suppliers. Each year the Myer Stores Community Fund works with over 90 charities through our store network and also through our national partnerships.

Do you have a personal favourite? If so, please share which one and why…

SS: We recently launched a new Community Investment Framework which is focused on ‘Supporting and empowering women and strengthening families’ and as part of this, we are working with key charitable organisations, White Ribbon, Global Sisters, and the Salvation Army. These organisations make a positive impact in this area, with a focus on cultural change, gender equality and respect, and support for victims of family violence. 

If you could spend 5 minutes with anyone today, who would it be and why?

SS: There are many people they I would like to spend time with however if I had to pick one it would be Oprah Winfrey. I find her inspirational and it would be a wonderful to spend the five minutes listening to the way she has taken giving to a whole new level. The joy she receives from giving is amazing, I believe she is especially giving as she has come from nothing and has risen to be one of the most powerful women in the USA.


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