5 minutes with Claire Morris and Matt Hoggett, founders of Prezzee

01 Dec 2015

5 minutes with Claire Morris and Matt Hoggett, founders of Prezzee

How did Prezzee come about?

MH: A year and a half ago I was shopping and thought I’d redeem a plastic Gift Card. But my card was at home in the top drawer in our study, so I missed out. But this got me thinking. I wondered whether there was a digital solution to Gift Cards, ideally for mobile phones.

And that’s what Prezzee is all about – the perfect digital Gift Card solution.

What has been the hardest part of your journey?

CM: Time. We’ve spent months researching the market to make sure we have a unique offering, and then making sure we have the best platform that both users and retailers would love. It’s been a fair bit of “trial and error” but it’s been worth it to get it right! 

If someone had told you it would take 18 months to develop your concept would you have still done it?

MH: Absolutely. It has been a rollercoaster ride but what a journey! Claire and I have worked together before on projects (her background is as a designer, and mine is photography so we know how to work well together.)

Did you need to find extra people to make it all come together?

CM: We’ve been so fortunate in finding wonderful and generous friends and collegues with amazing skillsets to get us to launch. Carolyne Gowen from my Marie Claire days organised some key meetings with retailers. Stuart O’Brien who was once my boss at Moon Design became a seed investor. We had retailers signing on in the early stages of Prezzee which gave us the confidence that we were on the right path. Stuart introduced us to our digital agency, Pollen who have been critical in making sure the Prezzee platform, easy to use app, and website are world-class. A big shout out to them - well done guys! Not an easy task!

Did you need further investment?

MH: Yes we did. Earlier this year we met with Shaun Bonétt, CEO of the Precision Group. Shaun and his team believed in us and Prezzee, and committed to backing us “all the way”.  Precision’s involvement has ensured we have got to market in time for Christmas and given other retailers the confidence to join in a new approach to the $3 billion Gift Card market.  We also appointed two new Directors to our Board, Precision’s CFO Edward Piazza and IT Director Roger Hatem who have brought us further expertise and corporate know how.

What is your favourite feature on the App?

CM: I love the “Themes” which you get to choose when you send a Gift Card to a friend. That and the notification you receive when your friend opens their Prezzee.

MH: I love the email flow, the UX of the App and the Re-Gift feature is super cool.

Which retailers have signed onto Prezzee?

CM: We are delighted to have onboard Myer, Cue, Veronika Maine, JB-HiFi, Dick Smith, Move, Kathmandu and Oxfam with more in the pipeline.

What has been the highlight thus far?

MH: Working with really professional and like-minded people, from our investors and retailers to our developers. Oh, and receiving my very first Prezzee.

CM: Going into Myer to test the barcodes on the App. I spent my first $50 Gift Card on a mascara. Love it! 


A huge thank you to the team to which without, Prezzee would not be possible – 

Eddie Piazza, Roger Hatem, Dan Morrison, Matt Yuan, Andrew “Knotty” Knott, Brett Mitchell, Ross Gales, Marty Outram, Andy Miller, Hugo Vann, Jordan Payne, Pierre Schweiger, Alun Machin, Mark Collins at Stripe, Chris Whiting at Fish Media, Laura and Josh Barnes at Connected Digital, Ant Colreavy and Natalie Murray at Sandbox Media, Ruud Spierings at All Social, Adam Worling and Ally Robertson at Adam Worling PR, Michael Field, Carolyne Gowen, Renee Gangemi, Alex Ronayne, Graham Hurwitz, David Morris, Stuart O’Brien and Shaun Bonétt.


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