5 minutes with Lyndall King, Partnerships Manager at Priceline Pharmacy

02 Nov 2016

5 minutes with Lyndall King, Partnerships Manager at Priceline Pharmacy

What does giving mean to you? 

Giving can make a difference to people on so many levels. Whether it’s from giving to a charity to gifting a present to a loved one, you can enrich many lives by simply giving. 


What is the best present you have ever received and why? 

A pink antique ornament dog that my Nanna gave me when I was 10 years old. Every time I visited Nan she would let me borrow a different ornament that she had displayed in her entrance hall, as long as I returned the one I borrowed before! The little pink dog was such a special gift because I was allowed to keep this one rather than borrow it. I have it proudly displayed in my hallway today – thanks Nan! 


The Priceline Sisterhood Foundation is a wonderful initiative. Could you please tell us a bit about the Charity partners you are working with? 

The Sisterhood Foundation is all about supporting charities that help women and their families. We want to ensure funds raised go to those charities most in need and where we could make a difference to women’s health concerns in our community. We donate 100% of the proceeds raised through the Priceline Sisterhood Foundation directly to our nominated charity partners. We are proud to support five charity partners: 

Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) is a free community service program dedicated to helping Australians living with cancer cope with the side effects of chemotherapy. By addressing hair loss and skin changes through the use of skin care, make-up, hats, turbans and wigs, they help to restore patients’ appearance and self-image. 

Alzheimer’s Australia manages a wide range of innovative national programs which provide information, support, counselling, training and education to people with dementia, their families and carers as well as to professionals working in the dementia field. They also provide national policy and advocacy for Australians living with dementia. 

Perinatal Anxiety and Depression (PANDA) is committed to a community where post and antenatal mood disorders are recognised and the impact on women and their families is minimised through acknowledgement, support and education. 

Children First Foundation was established in 1999 to support and transform the lives of children by giving hope, exceptional care and pathways to a brighter future. Their work includes providing seriously injured or unwell children from developing countries with the opportunity to have lifesaving/changing surgery. 

Hear to Listen is a pilot program being run in South Australia to improve hearing for Aboriginal children. Remarkably more than 60% of all Aboriginal children in schools in Australia have a hearing issue, which can significantly impair their ability and willingness to learn. This program aims to address this issue with clinical assistance and will be run over two years coordinated by the Cora Barclay Centre in Adelaide and supported by Port Power’s community program. 


Why did Priceline Pharmacy start the Sisterhood Foundation and how do you measure its success? 

The Priceline Sisterhood Foundation was developed after Sir Bob Geldof spoke at a Priceline Pharmacy event about his two decades of charity work and challenged the brand to give back to the community. In response to this the Sisterhood was formed in 2011 with its purpose being to give back to the community and, specifically, to provide support to women and their families. Following a national survey that had more than 25,000 respondents, charity partners were selected that covered a range of causes that were close to the hearts of women. Since its inception we have raised more than 2 million dollars! We measure the program’s success by the significant positive changes we make to those who are affected by serious illnesses. Our goal is to drive both funding and awareness for our charity partners. We love hearing and sharing stories from our charities about how we have helped change the lives of many women and their families. 


Help often comes in the smallest way. Can you please share an example of how the Sisterhood Foundation is making a difference?

Through the support of the Priceline Sisterhood Foundation the Children First Foundation was able to help change the life of 15-year-old Margareta. Margareta was found in East Timor by a volunteer who met her in the orphanage where she was living. She was only five when her spine began to grow larger than normal and created a hump in her back. The volunteer doctor took Margareta to a specialist who helped her with a diagnosis. The doctors then contacted Children First Foundation, who put a volunteer on the plane and travelled with Margareta to Darwin where she was in hospital for two weeks. It was there she stayed with the volunteer for two weeks and was rehabilitated so that she can now play and has no more pain from her twisted spine. 


If you could spend 5 minutes with anyone today, who would it be and why? 

I would love to meet Richard Branson and soak up the vibes of his great success and philanthropic efforts. Since Richard founded the Virgin Group in the 1970’s, he has inspired optimism and a strong belief in the positive contribution business can make to the world. One of Richard’s mantras is that a business leader should not sit back and do nothing about the world’s problems, including social, conflict issues and war, particularly if they’re in a position where they might be able to do something about those things. Richard inspires me to believe that the greatest satisfaction comes from being able to combine your talent with making a difference in someone else’s life.


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