Return To Sender

03 Aug 2016

Return To Sender

Last minute gift giving can often be a chore. Choosing the right gift, choosing the best way to wrap it, even finding the right card can at times be a stretch!

Before kids, I would often enjoy the whole experience of finding the perfect gift. From marking an afternoon in my diary to go shopping, to finding some gorgeous wrapping paper and if time permitted, making the card. I would often save old maps (yes, maps on paper!) and beautiful magazine pages to wrap a book or a gift. I would also have a box of ribbons and string that reminded me of the treasures I would find in my grandma's sewing room. All the things that make a gift feel special were the part of giving a gift I loved the most.

Fast forward a decade with two young boys, a business and a family of my own these luxuries are now a thing of a past. Part of the reason Matt and I founded Prezzee was to answer the problem of last minute gifts. Not only are Gift Cards an amazing gift but it is the whole experience of receiving a Prezzee that we wanted to achieve. This is the fun part and allows you to choose a "Theme" (greeting card) to attach to your gift. Each Prezzee feels super special and no-one would ever know it took you about a minute to choose, send and deliver! Gone are the days of return to sender...


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