Surprise! How eGift Cards can be your golden ticket to customer loyalty

08 Oct 2018

Surprise! How eGift Cards can be your golden ticket to customer loyalty

Loyal customers: they are what every business strives to gain and to retain. But in all our analysis of how to acquire and keep customers, sometimes we lose sight of, well, the customer. They can become a number in a spreadsheet or a spike in a graph - when in fact they are certainly not!

So let’s get them back into focus. What does a loyal customer look like? Why are they worth the effort? And how can you build customer loyalty using Prezzee eGift Cards?

Simply put, a loyal customer is one who consistently chooses to buy goods or services from a particular brand over any number of others because it reliably meets their needs. And why do they matter? Because loyal customers spend more money, more often. 

Of course, loyalty, as we know, doesn’t just spring up out of a vacuum. Loyalty necessarily involves a relationship. And a relationship doesn’t succeed if the parties are basically unknown to each other. Think of it this way: would you be loyal to someone you didn’t know? To someone who apparently didn’t care about you or didn’t listen to you? Would you post to Facebook or Instagram singing the praises of someone who ignored you? Nope. So why would we expect customers to do it? They are not going to invest in a partner that doesn’t invest in them. 

If you’re in the business of selling, then you already know that there are a multitude of ways to invest in your customer, engage them in a relationship and optimise their experience so they keep coming back for more. What we can offer is another powerful ingredient in that loyalty-building strategy: surprise and delight. Sure, they might not be words you associate too often with those spreadsheets and pie charts (except maybe when you have a really outstanding quarter!) but we think they are worth keeping top of mind when developing your customer relationship plans. Surprise and delight are the heart of the eGift Card experience and as such are a powerful building block when it comes to creating loyalty. Surprise and delight humanise your customer. Whenever you’re in danger of forgetting your customers have a face, not just a credit card, imagine them being surprised and delighted. See? There they are in all their wonderful potential! There is the customer who will return again, who will buy gift cards for their family, and who will spread the word to their friends. 

That is the power of Prezzee’s eGift Cards. They present a unique opportunity for you to transform a new customer in to a loyal customer or a regular customer into a devoted customer by, well, basically by making their day with an eGift Card. Think of like this – that eGift Card is a little pocket of potential just waiting to be realised. And, more often than not, it will be realised as more than the sum of its parts because of the tendency of gift card recipients to spend over the value of their card. 

This is how an eGift Card can work to create customer loyalty:

  • Prezzee’s eGift Cards are simple and easy to use. There’s no complicated system for redeeming points – there is just the promise of no-hassle shopping with what is seen by your customer as free cash. People’s lives are busy and complicated. Don’t make them work to enjoy their gift – let it be the one thing that comes easy in their day.
  • With Prezzee you can customise your branding and personalise your message to individual customers. It is that kind of detail that matters to people. After all, which would you rather: “Dear customer” or “Good morning Sam!”
  • Digital Gift Cards online can be a quick and cost-effective reward. Responding quickly to a customer is a sure-fire way to get some loyalty in the bank. Did they fill out a survey for you? Did they take the time to send you some feedback about an in-store experience? Thank them with a low cost, immediate reward in the form of a personalised eGift Card or gift voucher. They get a dose of surprise and delight and you get a customer who associates you with all those good feelings.
  • eGift Cards can be an effective way to turn an unhappy customer around. Most dissatisfaction can be resolved with an acknowledgement and a fuss-free gesture of good will. Turn a cranky customer into one of your biggest fans by responding to their complaint quickly and with generosity. 

So spread the good feels by making eGift Cards part of your customer loyalty strategy.  Contact Prezzee Digital eGift Cards and start some strong relationships today. 

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