Thrivor (and the stuff good things are made of)

07 Jul 2017

Thrivor (and the stuff good things are made of)

Prezzee is proud to partner with Australian start-up Thrivor. Founded by Justin Mclean, Thrivor is a new app that helps solve the everyday challenges of living with a chronic disease (and in particular Cancer).

When Thrivor contacted Prezzee around 12 months ago we instantly saw how meaningful the App would be. Justin's passion for making a difference and providing real support for people fighting a chronic disease is real proof of concept. The app is easy to use and is designed to simplify patients needs to organise and share key appointments with their support network. It also introduces partners to assist with accesing transport to and from appointments (via UBER) and helping with independant care (via Better Caring). Hiring help for tasks around the home such as cleaners (via Hi Pages) and Prezzee is the one stop shop for sending eGift Cards. It may seem small, but sending a present can certinaly make a difference. This could be an everyday card like Coles, Kmart or Woolies to help with groceries or could be a Myer or David Jones Gift Card to help brighten someone's day.

"These are things that might seem simple to the outside world but are important to the network and the patient during that period of care" Justin says. Justin further points out that only 10% of patients time is actually spent in appointments, the remaining 90% of time is spent outside medical care. Thrivor is now a perfect way of giving structure and support to patients when everything around them seems (or is) chaotic.

To be able to give back, make life a bit easier and be part of a bigger community are core values shared by both Prezzee and Thrivor. Let's face it, life is about enriching the lives of others and Thrivor is the perfect vehicle for this.


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