Year of the Rooster

25 Jan 2017

Year of the Rooster

We love festivities at Prezzee and Chinese New Year is no exception!

Last year Prezzee designed a special red envelope or hong bao to mark this auspicious occasion and this year we have continued our tradition. Typically red envelopes are handed out to younger generations by parents, grandparents, relatives, friends and colleagues during Chinese New Year.

This Chinese New Year we have designed three new Greeting Cards to represent the hong bao. In Chinese tradition, red symbolises luck and traditional red envelopes are often decorated with gold Chinese characters to represent happiness and good fortune. 

People born in the Year of the Rooster are said to be trustworthy and good time-keepers. Some famous Roosters include Bob Marley, Serena Williams, Goldie Hawn and Justin Timberlake. Chinese New Year is traditionally marked by the ringing of bells, lighting of firecrackers and traditional lion dances. It is customary for households to farewell the old year by cleaning the house, which is said to sweep out ill-fortune and make way for good luck. Many Chinese people will purchase new clothes and get a hair cut, which is considered to symbolise new beginnings.

To all the Roosters we hope 2017 is full of good luck, happiness and health and we wish all a Happy New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai!


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