You make 35,000 of these a day – let us take one off your plate

05 Dec 2018

You make 35,000 of these a day – let us take one off your plate

Choice is an interesting concept. We think of choice as a positive thing. It’s important to us. Our choices define us and give our lives meaning. We make political choices, educational choices, philosophical choices, lifestyle choices. And yet, choice or some can also bring conflict. On any given day we make literally tens of thousands of decisions. There are the big ones of course – choosing which profession to embark upon, where to send your child to school, what kind of health insurance to have, which charity to give money to, how to manage a family conflict, whether to take a job offer. Then there are all those secondary, seemingly subliminal choices – whether to take the bridge or the tunnel to work, what to have for lunch, what Netflix show to binge on, whether to swipe left or right, which shoes to wear, what soap to buy….

It can really start to consume you if you think about it too much. Life is complicated and demanding. And it is packed full of choice. Who hasn’t had that moment of standing in the supermarket aisle staring at the cereal section and just feeling overwhelmed by so much choice? In fact, it has a name: the paradox of choice. American psychologist Professor Barry Schwartz coined the term and suggests that consumers can in fact be presented with too much choice which leads to “analysis paralysis”. While the jury is out on whether the choice paradox is a myth – some have argued that its research experiments have not been successfully replicated – no doubt we are all familiar with that unique feeling of option overload in a retail environment.

At gift buying time, this feeling can be especially pronounced. And at Christmas – well, times it by a thousand to really get that panicked sense of “Oh my, here are a million things and NONE OF THEM ARE RIGHT”. When you are trying to choose the right gift for someone, all that choice can make your head spin. And some people can feel especially difficult to choose for. For example, a gift for a new mother-in-law needs to be thoughtful but not too personal, appropriate but not boring, classy but not outrageously expensive. Somehow, with a gift, you have to show that you are worthy of their offspring! Sheesh. Choices, huh? Who needs them!

Prezzee’s gift to you is to eliminate the decision-making anxiety from your gift giving this Christmas. Choose a Prezzee eGift Card and you tick all those boxes and more

  • Thoughtful? You bet. You know how sometimes you buy someone a present just because it’s something you’d really like? I think we can all safely say that experience has proven that to be a generally bad idea. Well-meant, perhaps. But kind of… selfish. There is only occasion on which buying someone the gift you’d really like to receive is a good idea: when it’s a Prezzee eGift card! And you can personalise it just for them.

  • Appropriate? Absolutely. You haven’t presumed to know the recipient better than they know themselves. Instead, you’ve given them the wonderful treat of being able to choose something they really want instead of pretending to be thrilled with whatever you bought for them in a frenzy of indecision on Christmas Eve.

  • Classy? As it gets. Prezzee’s eGift Cards look beautiful and are efficient and easy to manage. No greasy plastic card getting covered in lint at the back of a desk drawer – just a streamlined, beautifully designed electronic Gift Card that will never suffer the indignity of such a fate!

With gift cards, people feel they have permission to treat themselves, to buy something they wouldn’t normally get, something indulgent or fun, something just for them – whether it be time on their own (hello facial and massage!) or something they’ve always considered out of their budget (the new waterproof Kindle) or just too decadent (back to back HOTYS LUX movie sessions!). This is the best kind of decision-making – none of the pressure and all of the fun.

So there you have it. Prezzee - one choice for you; multiple options for them. What could be easier!


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