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Please note: Ampol limited, through its subsidiary, is a licensee in Australia of the Caltex trademark and is transitioning to trade under the Ampol Trademark, so Caltex Starcash will be phased out and replaced with the AmpolCash digital card.

A Prezzee Caltex StarCash Digital Gift Card can be used as a personal gift for family or friends, corporate gifting or simply as a convenient way of payment. It can be used to buy fuel as well as a whole array of convenience goods or fuel at participating Caltex locations across Australia.

To find a participating service station, go to the Caltex Site locator . Enter your location and search.

Buying Gift Cards Online is fast and simple with Prezzee! We make it eezzee to get all of your Gift Card shopping done with a quick and fool-proof process that saves your recipient from the eternal problem of accidentally losing or forgetting to use your gift in time.

With a Caltex StarCash eGift Card, recipients can redeem Gift Cards to fill up the fuel tank fast or get a meal on the go at a Caltex that is convenient. With more than 1,900 service stations across Australia, there are many locations to use a Caltex StarCash Gift Card. Within selected Caltex stores, The Foodary, offering fresh, healthy food on-the-go is available at 60 locations across Australia. Locally roasted barista coffee is also on offer for you to redeem your Gift Card on. The Prezzee digital Gift Card is purchased online through our website and sent straight to your intended recipient. From there it lives on their smartphone or device and never leaves their side or sight again. Instantly redeemable, your recipient will receive their Gift Card with a personalised message and have the freedom and flexibility to choose how and where they use it. Simply order your Prezzee StarCash Digital, and it can be stored on an Apple or Android phone and used next time you or your giftee is at a participating Caltex location. Prezzee has everyone and every occasion covered with a great range of ways to spend your Gift Card. Buy Gift Cards Online that can be used right across the country. Giving the gift of great choice and flexibility has never been easier.
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