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EA Origin Access Premier

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Gamers and sport lovers will definitely appreciate an EA Origin Access Premier eGift Card. An EA Origin Access Premier eGift Card gives the ultimate access to online gamers for a massive range of sporting games for a range of devices, discounts to Origin online store PLUS full early access to new EA games.

EA Origin Access subscriptions are as follows: $20 for 1 month of EA Origin Access Premier $60 for 6 months of EA Origin Access Premier $130 for 12 months of EA Origin Access Premier

The EA Origin Access Premier online Gift Card is the perfect choice for anyone who enjoys the world of online gaming and ensures that they have the choice of the latest games and entertainment. You will be giving your special someone access to the hottest new releases and classics. EA Origin Access Premier is a new membership tier that gives you access to the latest and greatest EA games before anyone else. Your giftee will get access to the full game – to play whenever they want, for as long as they have a valid Premier membership. Membership benefits include: Full early access to our new EA games, starting five days before they launch. Access to The Vault, a growing collection of PC-only games you can download and play as much as you want. Discounts in the Origin Store on full games, pre-orders, expansions, FIFA points, and more. EA Gift Cards may be redeemed at origin.com/redeem or directly within EA online stores. You also have the choice of complementary themed greeting cards to accompany your online Gift Card and adding a special, personalised message. Once received, your gift can be redeemed instantly by your special someone. There are no delays or additional costs for postage and handling. Just fast and easy gift giving. The Prezzee App is also available for use and has been designed to work on any mobile device. Prezzee Gift Cards can be digitally stored on the App and easily accessible when it’s time to redeem them.
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