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A GlamCorner Unlimited eGift Card gives a gift of a designer wardrobe every woman dreams of.

With the GlamCorner Unlimited membership, recipients can swap her box as many times as she wants within 30 days!

The GlamCorner eGift Card from Prezzee is for the true fashionista. A friend, sister, family member or colleague who loves to look stylish, never wears the same outfit and likes to make a statement. Giving the gift of a GlamCorner Unlimited eGift Card unlocks $3k+ worth of designer styles monthly and choose over 2000 styles, with no more buyers remorse and minimal impact on the planet. Choose from the following memberships: 1 month membership $149 3 month membership $447 6 month membership $894 Giving the gift of a GlamCorner Unlimited membership gift card gives your recipient the chance to swap her box as many times as she wants per billing cycle (30 days). She will ultimately have a rotating closet tailored for any event in their calendar plus the opportunity to experiment with new styles. Plus, your recipient will get access to a dedicated stylist for styling sessions. For more information visit: Prezzee makes it simple to select and send your GlamCorner Unlimited digital eGift Card. When you send a Gift Card via Prezzee you can easily add a personalised message and greeting card then whoosh, off goes your gift card instantly.
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