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A Jetstar Gift Gard opens up a world of famous low airfares and great destinations.

A Jetstar Gift Card from Prezzee is the perfect way to help someone make the best of their next flight and holiday. Available online, you can purchase and send your Jetstar Gift Card instantly. You will never miss a special occasion again and your recipient can instantly redeem their Prezzee. Jetstar Gift Cards are the perfect way to celebrate special moments or even to say thank you to loyal customers, students, and employees. They can be redeemed online for use towards Jetstar flights or extras like in-flight entertainment packs, meals, luggage, and more. This card can be used to book flights, or flights combined with accommodation / activities, only on our Australian website, where a departing flight leaves from Australia and payment currency is AUD (this may include a return flight, where the initial flight taken was departing Australia within the same booking). Buying and sending your Prezzee Gift Cards is the fast, simple and innovative solution to on-time gift giving and avoiding the chance of accidentally losing or forgetting about your gift vouchers. Our solution to the age old problem of unreliable physical cards was to create the cleaner online alternative. When you select your desired Gift Card from Prezzee, you can nominate your intended amount and purchase your gift straight away. Simply pay through our online secure payment system and gift shopping is done in seconds! Delivery is even faster and more simple. There are no delivery or handling fees. You simply send your Prezzee straight to your recipient’s email address or send via SMS where it can be instantly redeemed. If your recipient isn’t ready to spend their Jetstar Gift Card, however, they can download the handy Prezzee App and store their new gift on that. Available for use on any smartphone or device, the Prezzee App allows people to keep their digital Gift Card on them at all times and avoid accidentally misplacing it before they’re ready to redeem it. If you are looking for the perfect way to say Thank You to more than a couple of people then check out Prezzee’s corporate options online. You can purchase and send bulk Prezzee’s to lots of people from a single website and manage who has received what with ease.
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