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At Kathmandu, we believe adventures are the stuff of life. Whether cycling around the park at lunchtime or trekking through the remote jungles of Borneo, it all comes from an innate human desire to seek out new experiences. We create outdoor clothing for camping and travel to keep people comfortable and safe so they have the confidence to get out and explore what the world has to offer.

Kathmandu is the perfect place to start planning everyone’s next great adventure. If you know someone who loves camping, travelling, bushwalking, and seeing nature’s beauty close up then the Kathmandu Gift Card from Prezzee is the ideal gift choice. With a Kathmandu Gift Card, your special someone has the gift of choosing everything they need to kit themselves out for a brand new life or just a holiday in the tropics, above the snowline, out in the wilderness, or even backpacking through Europe’s oldest cities. With Prezzee, we’ve made sure that it’s easier than ever to inspire your special someone with a Kathmandu Gift Card. When you purchase a digital Gift Card from Prezzee, you send it directly to your intended recipient’s email address. There’s no delay and it is instantly redeemable which means that you’ll never forget or miss a special occasion again! As a digital Gift Card, there are no additional delivery fees charged and no delay. Once received, your recipient is able to download their Gift Card through our App which is compatible on all mobile devices. They’ll be able to carry around their Kathmandu Gift Card with them until they’re ready to redeem it and there’s no chance they’ll accidentally lose or forget it. You can even choose from a range of themed e-greeting cards and send your special someone a personalised message with their Prezzee. Inspire someone to start their next great adventure with a Kathmandu Gift Card from Prezzee.
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