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Give access to over 5 million of the world’s best books – including kids’ content, magazines and more – that can be read anywhere, on any device. Personalised recommendations, adjustable fonts and 24/7 access to our bookstore are just a few of the benefits of eReading with Kobo. Read with the free Kobo App or on a Kobo eReader or tablet.

Are you shopping for someone who loves to read? Choose the Kobo Gift Card. eReading is the easy way to travel with your very own bookshelf and Kobo’s library includes over 5 million titles to choose from. Giving a Kobo Gift Card will ensure your giftee has a wealth of choice from best-selling titles in the top 50 reads, the Best of the Month, and Kobo’s growing library of undiscovered literary geniuses who are always self-publishing. Lightweight and portable, a Kobo is the booklover’s best friend. Designed to provide all the comfort and familiarity of a paperback without any of the inconvenience, the Kobo provides optimum reading light no matter the weather or your location, contains months of continuous battery life, and even includes note-taking and highlighting capabilities. Building your Kobo bookshelf is quick and easy. With a Kobo eGift Card you have instant access to the complete digital library. Search and download your favourite titles from the all of the classics through to modern best-sellers and specialty titles you would have to wait weeks for a retailer to order in for you. With Prezzee, choosing and sending your online Gift Cards is just as easy. We’ve innovated the traditional Gift Card and provided a fool-proof alternative that’s faster to purchase, instant to send, and impossible to lose. Through our App, your online Gift Card is received and stored, ready to be redeemed. You’ll never lose it or leave it at home again. As a digital Gift Card, there’s no delay via snail mail and no additional delivery fees. You’ll never miss an occasion again.
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