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This is a Netflix Australia gift card, redeemable with Australian subscriptions only.

A Netflix eGift Card is a gift of entertainment, education and inspiration! A Netflix digital Gift Card gives your giftee the gift of a Netflix subscription to unlock the world of a massive range of possibilities.

Know someone who loves movie marathons, is a documentary buff or someone who doesn’t mind a good binge session on their favourite TV series? A Netflix eGift Card is going to be a very welcomed gift so as your giftee can kick off their Netflix subscription or alternatively they can add the Netflix eGift Card to their existing account to pay their next bill. Netflix is a streaming service that allows members to watch a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies or documentaries. With Netflix, there's always something new to discover, and more TV shows and movies are added every month! So you might be wondering how does it all work… That bit is easy, the team at Prezzee will do all the heavy lifting to ensure your gift gets delivery safe and sound with no hassle. Simply select the value of the Netflix eGift Card, add a personalised message to your giftee, fill in the recipient's details along with payment details and Prezzee will deliver your eGift Card on the same day that you hit send! Your Netflix eGift Card can be delivered via SMS or email - it’s up to you what you think your giftee would prefer. Do you send Gift Cards for work and looking for an easy and simple solution? Look no further, check out and start sending bulk Gift Cards instantly. You can send from 10 to 10,000 in just a few clicks, track orders and manage all the orders as you need, and even have the option to customise your Gift Cards with your business logo.
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