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One person in three in the world lives in poverty. Oxfam is a global development organisation that is determined to change that by mobilising the power of people against poverty. When you buy an Oxfam Unwrapped gift card you are helping transform lives.

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An Oxfam Gift Card from Prezzee is more than just a gift for your special someone. As one of the world’s most active and well-known charity organisations, Oxfam has been helping the world and changing people’s lives for decades. If you’re searching for the perfect gift for someone who wants to help and do their bit for charity, then the Oxfam Gift Card is the ideal choice. When you buy an Oxfam Gift Card, your donation helps support Oxfam Australia’s life-changing work around the world. The person you’re buying the gift for will receive a clever Gift Card explaining how their gift is helping others. Your tax-deductible donation will fund a range of projects, including the project featured in your card. All gifts are real items that used to fight poverty. With Prezzee, purchasing and sending an Oxfam Gift Card is fast and easy. We have developed a quick and simple way of buying and sending Gift Cards with an innovative alternative: the online Gift Card. Once you have purchased your Gift Card you send it directly to your recipient’s email address. From there they can download our App which is compatible across all mobile devices and access their new Prezzee instantly. Include a personalised message with your Oxfam Gift Card and a themes e-greeting card for whatever occasion you might be helping to celebrate. There are no additional delivery fees charged and no delay in the mail. You can ensure that your next gift is received right on time with Prezzee. Change a life and gift someone an Oxfam Gift Card from Prezze.
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