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From a secluded weekend away to a once-in-a-lifetime experience overseas, a Travel Associates Gift Card will be a welcome start to their amazing holiday.

Allow your friends and loved ones to experience barefoot luxury in the Maldives, a pampering spa treatment in Bali or get off the beaten track on a luxury safari in Africa.

Travel Associates Gift Cards are available for purchase from any one of our 41 locations nationally. Our consultants have a wealth of industry experience and extensive personal travel knowledge from which your friends and family can benefit.

The gift of travel? Priceless! A Travel Associates Gift Card from Prezzee is the gift of inspiration and memories that will last a lifetime. Are you searching for the perfect wedding gift? Has someone recently celebrated their retirement and are looking to embark on a long and well earned journey? Do you know someone celebrating a milestone anniversary looking to celebrate in luxury and style? Help them along with a Travel Associates eGift Card from Prezzee. Your gift could go toward a once-in-a-lifetime trip that is simply unforgettable. Compiling all the best deals for all of your favourite locations, Travel Associates will help you plan and book your next luxury and tailor made holiday. Choose from cruises, tours, holiday packages, luxury rail journeys, 5-star resorts and more. So you have decided to send your special someone a Travel Associates eGift Card? Now comes the really easy part. With Prezzee we’ve made it quick and simple to purchase and send your next Gift Card. With an innovate digital Gift Card option, Prezzee will ensure that your Travel Associates Gift Card instantly. Send your Gift Card with a personalised message and themed e-greeting card! As an instant Gift Card option, once your Prezzee has been received by the recipient it can be instantly redeemed in-store at any Travel Associates store within Australia. All that your special someone has to do is download our App which is compatible with all mobile devices and download their gift. There it will stay until ready to be redeemed. It’ll never be lost or forgotten. Send someone on a voyage of discovery with a Travel Associates e-Gift Card, thanks to Prezzee.
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